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Redefine. Reinvent. Reshape. Revolutionise

As one of the UK’s most profitable retailers, with one of the most-visited retail websites in Europe – scale is inherent in everything we do.

We have the infrastructure, expertise and technology to provide innovative solutions to businesses and brands, so that they can deliver a best-in-class service to their customers. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

Our Developers and technical teams are the ones who will make this possible.

For this change to take place, we need even more talented individuals with the vision and desire to redefine and reinvent retail solutions. So, we are investing significantly in our team. Providing the environment and technology for our Developers to excel.

This is a revolutionary moment. An opportunity to transform the online retail landscape.

It could be a revolutionary moment in your career too.

Let’s take online retail to the next level.

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Smart Working
Smart working

What we do

Discover our IT Departments

NEXT is one of the largest online retail platforms in the UK. During the 2019-2020 financial year we had over £2bn in orders. Selling to 70 international markets and offering over 6 million customers a personalised shopping experience.

The Ecommerce department plays a huge role in making this possible. Every person that works here is tested every day. With unique challenges, it delivers solutions at a fast pace. However, the opportunities, scale, rewards and satisfaction that you get in return make each second worthwhile.

With over 200 people based around the UK and Europe, this department works with the most advanced technologies, on projects that make the shopping experience secure and seamless.

If you like to say no to the status-quo, then Product Systems could be for you. This is a department that refuses to stand still. With hundreds of internal and external users that depend on the systems it creates and runs.

A group of tech-loving, boundary pushing, question-answering innovators, constantly pursuing the next best thing. We welcome change and explore all possibilities, so we never miss a chance to be even better – constantly evolving our technology, applications and services.

Want to suggest a new way of working, some alternative technologies or an improvement to an application? Then go for it. We hear every idea and encourage teamwork at all times.

For a leading online retailer, Warehouse Systems is at the heart of our success. Handling international deliveries to over 50 countries, including next day home and store deliveries, collect in store in 1-hour services and more.

This department keeps the wheels of our entire operation turning. 24/7. If you don’t love tech, turn away. They tackle the tall task of interconnecting over £600m of warehouse automation into our 9 warehouse sites. That means integrating over 200 storage robots, over 100 picking robots, 300 storage shuttles and over 40 miles of conveyors to link it all together. Oh, and so much more.

We’re experts in complex tasks. Taking pride in what’s undeniably pivotal work.

A small but mighty team of 30 developers, analysts and project managers. This is a department that prides itself on development opportunities. Close-knit and social, we believe in knowledge sharing and helping each other grow.

Our customers rely on the data and data services we provide. We are the link between the business areas and the applications they use to operate. Leading the charge toward platform modernisation, we have the ambitious target of being fully cloud-based by the end of 2022.

Ever changing, we embody agility and do so at pace. Our objective is supporting the wider business, to help each department understand how they can be better.

With our scale comes a huge volume of sales and interactions online. And with that, comes responsibility. To our customers and ourselves. This makes Cyber Security of the utmost importance.

The Info Sec department works with industry leading technologies to ensure that we are safe and secure from cyber-attacks. Our team is at the top of their game. Stimulated by brand new challenges every single day, we aim to stay one step ahead of any threats that face the business.

On top of monitoring for and responding to these threats, we take a proactive approach in identifying weaknesses. Remaining ever agile for whatever comes our way.

Whether it be our stores or customers interacting with our services and products, this part of our business ensures that we have cutting-edge online solutions available.

We harness the power of the latest software and hardware to ensure our stores and customers can order, reserve, return and process payments quickly and efficiently. In fact, we completely overhauled all our systems two years ago and we’re building on these foundations to deliver even more innovative systems.

We are a fast-moving and continuously changing area of the business, with a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline. If you are looking for a stimulating environment, then being part of our team will provide all the challenges and opportunities you need.

In retail, if you don’t get your stock right, you disappoint customers. And this means that we miss an opportunity to help the company thrive. Our 50 strong, talented Retail Stock IT team ensures our products are available in store and online – all the time.

From development, to testing and support, we deliver real business change. We immerse ourselves in various technologies and work across multiple platforms so we can innovate with our existing legacy systems, develop and deliver new processes, and improve our business each day.

This work is driven by consumer demand. And it drives us forward. Every day, the ways that our customers want to pay for our products is changing. And our aim is to make the process smooth and safe. But these changes don’t automatically happen, it is our talented team in Finance Systems constantly adapting and innovating that keeps our £2bn turnover platform modern, fit for purpose and secure.

By ensuring our customers have multiple ways to pay, this department plays a huge part in the finance flowing through our business. Which in turns helps us to grow. So, join us for the impact and scale; stay for the ever-changing world of payments.

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